Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today is my birthday..yeaaa!!!
36 and never been so alive. Guess its true, women in their thirties is at the best *wink*. *imagine JLO dancing On the Floor ft Pitbull* In fact i'm listening to it at this very moment =P.

Ok....ok....stop being slutty. ^__^

*Insaf mode*
*tadah tangan*

Alhamdullilah, syukur atas nikmat yg Allah kurniakan ke atas kami sekeluarga.
Counting all the blessing.
Learn  from the past, live the moment, and welcome the future.

daaaa !!!!! =B


  1. hapy bday sis.. ada link fb? ank add..;-)peminat setia blog ni dan blog AMS since last year..

  2. pink mama - thanks *hugs*

    antasya - thanks *face pink malu*. FB hardly active lah dear. Blog better k.

  3. Happy birthday sis...suka la your blog and AMS jugakkk..pls blog more and frequent okay

    maintain cun :=)

  4. thanks mamalisa :). Dah few weeks line internet problem, tu yg tambah malas nak update blog hehe.