Sunday, September 11, 2011

And today is......

And today is Sunday again. Just finished doing my laundry. Fuller tummy with bihun goreng. Kids are lepak-ing around the house. Ops! Sorry, Darwish is still having breakfast.....the 3rd plate of bihun goreng. Yes, he can 'wallop' half packet of bihun by himself. And his tummy no longer flat.....dush!

Cekpen is helping me by doing some housekeeping in the soon to be 'guest room again'. Well it's started since yesterday evening but too many craps that need to be sort out so had to extend it until today.

Plan to watch CARS today.

Enjoy your sunday today everyone...don't wait until the next cos u'll never know what will happen it between.


  1. saya dah start keja walopun, idung tersumbat, suara serak2 rimau, bosan gile, hujan lebat selebatnya pagi ni

  2. sian mamasyaza :(..kuatkan semangat ye.