Monday, January 13, 2014

Roll n Giggle

3 days ago, i missed zafri made his first accidental roll. Then i witness the 2nd n 3rd roll. I kata accident sbb dia roll masa dia meniarap atas bantal. Dia still tak blh buat when he is flat on his back or front. 

About a week ago, i saw him giggling while he's asleep. But last night i make him giggle while he's wide awake. Ya Allah sedapnye bunyi baby giggling. I repeated my action few more times n he still giggling. So i panggil lah cekpen utk sama2 tengok. Cekpen dtg dgn mina n sarah sekali. But when i try to make him giggle again, dia tak nak dah. He just making 'aaaaa' sound with big smile. tsk -_-'. Saje je tau dia ni.

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