Monday, April 15, 2013

Hot Bun in the Oven

So.........its been 13 weeks ++. Trying to keep it to our self until we finished the 1st trimester. I don't want to jinx it. Bukan le percaya kekarut tapi i believe the logic behind it ...its harder to tell the bad news rather than the good one. So now we had passed the 1st hurdle, chances to complete to full term is more promising and we are more than ready to share this happy news with everyone :). I'm pregnant :) !!!! 

The Decision
After our final decision 5 years ago that Sarah would be the last one, than lepas raya last year we changed our mind. Both of us feels rather melancholy during raya last year. You see we had lost one of our parents, i lost my father, cekpen already lost her mother. My fil were staying in KL, so when raya, it become an awkward moment you know, the festive feeling was rather dull, the preparation was different the cheerfullness seems fake. Balik Pontian pun sama, even my mother is still alive, but her health does not permit her to do much, which makes everything no longer as it used to be. 

Come to think of it, it won't be long that both of them will leave all of us. Both of us were the last one in the family with small kids. Most of our family members yg lain dah beranak cucu. They have their own big happy family. They don't have to go anywhere cos they already have their own big nest to share their joy together. So where it would lead us?. Suddenly we feel our family is too small :( . So we decided to try to enlarge it..hehe. So maybe 15 years down the road, we would have our very own big barney happy family =D. Its a long journey that i'm sure not all as pretty as the rainbow colors, but we decided to give it a try.

The Planning
Since my second iucd were fixed on early last year, i decided to wait until end of the year to remove it. It cost me rm600++ weh, baru pasang baper bulan nak cabut rasa macam rugi le pulak kan. (I should have changed it during the 3rd year which supposed to be on 2011, sbb the type of iucd yg i pakai would only be effective for 3 years jer, tp masa tu busy lagi dgn Sarah and all kan so delay until early last year baru tukar. Masa tu still dgn decision taknak beranak lagi.) Kalau i dah pakai more than a year masa tu, i think i terus je go buat appointment utk remove it.

Anyway cekpen agree to wait lah, so on 26 dec 2012, i get it done. Masa tu gynea kata, i still on my ovulation period so, the removal of the iucd will take immediate effect. Meaning ada potential utk conceive immediately lah. Wahhh semangat le kan, tapi ujung2 eh period lagi.

The bad news is, exactly 1 week before i removed the iucd, bibik says she doesn't want to renew her contract. Oh my my...... I was upset le kan. I asked her to reconsider another year or two with us because we are planning for another baby. Pening sekejap. After a month, she's still won't change her mind.  So when i was confirmed pregnant in february, i asked her one more time. I told her she can take a long leave and come back in September. Once my confinement period is over, she can go back in december this year or until her contract ended in april. Fortunately she agreed. There's no guarantee she will be back in september, but we rather take that chances. Another maid is not an option (too expensive), temp maid lagilah takde guarantee can work properly. So this coming 20 april she will be going back to surabaya....and i will be maidless for the next 5 month. If she's not coming back then, i just need to get toughen up... T______T. Confinement, 3 kids on school holiday...kalau bibik tak balik ....huwaaaaaaa!!! Maklumlah dah manja sekarang kan huhuhu.

First Trimester
Since we know that we want this, i'd bought a total of 6 pregnancy test kit. hahaha. semangat ok, sikit2 nak test, poyo sungguh.5 was wasted when all the result came out as negative. Period dah delay tapi negative lagi, frust makcik tau. The last piece i waited until i'm more than 5 days late. Itupun ding dong ding dong ngan cekpen, should i test or should i wait.....lepas dip, i ran out from the bathroom, and asked cekpen to check it out. He came out with a smile. I couldn't interpret his smile....was it a happy smile or 'it's ok, we can try again next time' kinda smile? 

So i went it to see it for myself. I was like huh....we did it! I jump out and look at cekpen who already settle in front of his laptop and i said "hey....its positive, why u didn't say anything?"

Then he said "eh ye ke? tadi takde apa2 pun..satu line je". Then he went to check it again, and came out smiling. Hah barulah betul senyum tu. "betul tadi takde line tu" katanya. Well maybe its take more the 2 minutes. 
Called Dr Wong clinic to get an appointment with her. Busy lah pulak dokter so, dapat set date on 25 feb. Oklah kan, anyway she already asked me to start on folic acid since we are planning to conceive which i did so takdelah tergesa-gesa sangat. Just jumpa nak confirm je. 
When i came to see Dr wong, she was surprised bila i kata i'm pregnant. Sebab masa i remove the iucd tu her farewell speech was something along the line "see u again in several month". Tengok2 i came back just after 2 month kan, she smiled and said " so it seems you're rather fertile ". No urine test conducted, terus buat ultrasound. Dr said "So this is confirmed you're pregnant, thats the baby heartbeat" . She pointed out the blipping white dot on the screen.  Dr asked me to continue on the folic acid, exercise so that i can control my weight gain etc. 

Masa ni i still pergi gym lagi. Belum ada tanda pelik2 lagi. But a week later, all the symtom start to kick in. Appetite lost, nauseated 24/7, vomitting, can't drink plain water. I have stop going to the gym since then. Eh nak pergi gym bakar apa kan, kalau makan pun tak lalu, minum air pun tak boleh. Most of the time, i have gula2 hack or polo in my mouth. Fisherman friend pun boleh. Since plain water, air manis whatsoever air tak boleh nak minum sgt, i settle dgn icecream walls solero yg kaler hijau with vanila in the middle tu. 2,3 batang sehari. Makan nasi 3,4 suap je lalu. Apa2 snack healthy or not pun tak lalu. Its awful. Tak pernah lagi pregnant with this kind of issues. Every night i woke up because the nauseated feeling were intense. Weh belum keluar lagi mama dah tak boleh tidur malam ke huwaaaaa rasa nak nangis tau. Nasiblah takde constipation or dehydration yg teruk. 

Went for second check up on 25 march. Dr wong said everything is normal. EDD change from 22/10 to 18/10 based on the baby size. Kali ni can see the baby feature already. :)

Towards end of march adalah improvement sikit2. I can drink half glass of plain water, watermelon juice, eat more frequent etc. Early April, i was thinking that maybe i can get back to the gym by mid of the month. 

Unfortunately, i was bleeding on 5th of April. Pergi jumpa GP je at our panel clinic. Dr conduct an ultrasound check but the detail explanation were lacking. I was prescribed with a medication to strengthen the placenta. The next day, darwish ada follow up at Sunmed, so i decided to split with cekpen, i went to see my gynea at level 2, while he attend to awish appoinment at level 1. Dr Wong cuti le pulak hari tu, but luckyly another gynea can accept me that day as sub to dr wong. More thorough check-up was done on me. Ultrasound shows the bleeding location at the placenta too. Nampakla some bengkak2 and gaping. Fortunately no other issues involving the bleeding. It has also started to improve upon the medication that i've taken earlier. Still i get 3 ampule of hormon to accelerate the recovery. The last dose was taken yesterday. Sakit montot kena cucuk huhuhu.

Baby on 6 april. See those little finger waving back at us. Sepanjang scan bb keep on moving, squirming, turning around. Aktif sungguh. Semua tak sabar nak jumpa ,darwish, mina, sarah hari2 sibuk pasal baby. Berebut lah yg nak boy , yg nak girl. Sabar je lah mama ngan ayah ni leraikan argument derang ni. 

Last saturday meet up dgn Dr PC Tan kat UMSC, to investigate on down syndrome sign on the baby. The result came out as low ....around 70%. So we are content with that.  We don't want to do any further blood test or whatsoever. Lepas ni more on doa and tawakal. Hopefully everything turn out to be alright for the next 6 months or so. Ameeennnn.


  1. Congratulations... that is very quick. Must be due to your fitness... nak tanya blh where did you get that HPT test strip? Sorry if it's not appropriate.

    1. Thank you. I beli kat guardian je , among the cheapest . Clear blue tak silap the brand name.

  2. happynya!!!..cousin lagi?? so magicall

    tahniah pakcu makcu.! AMS ++ on the way

    1. Thanks aishah ;). Yep u gonna get new baby cousin hehe.

  3. congrats! semoga smooth sailing ya

  4. tahniah!! berkali2 baca post ni :)

  5. Congratulations dear. Do take good care of yourself =)

    1. thank you pink mama ..will surely do :)

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    1. ahaks, we are even ...jgn ko menambah segera sudehhh hahahaha..

  7. assalam...tahniah CT. patutlah berseri semacam, masa u tengah siapkan makan pengantin di johor dalam entri sebelum2 ni. semoga segalanya dipermudahkan. :)