Sunday, December 16, 2012

There was a time Skyfall

There was a time, i have rows of GSC popcorn on my kitchen counter. 5 to 6 box of popcorn exactly as this picture. My sole purpose going to GSC at that time was to buy a box of pop corn for Sarah. From parking spot, straight to the elevator to go level 2, que to buy pop corn that paid the parking fee and went back home.

Hmmmm nostalgia, tengah tunggu nak tengok Skyfall sebenarnya, sambil tu makan popcorn. Tu yg teringat masa sarah kimo dulu. Dah basi dah citer james bond tu, panggung pun almost empty. Not too bad lah citer tu but takdelah spesel sangat. Part paling disukai, kemunculan q-master baru hehehe.

The latest geek. Messy hair, clip words, glasses....latest hotness define!

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