Thursday, June 9, 2011

My oh my

Bertabahlah *talking to myself*

Weekend lepas adalah sadis..tapi hari ni lagi sadis.

We brought sarah to sdmc emergency on sunday, then go back, then masuk balik for admission on monday. Our hope that they can do something about sarah's persistance diarrhea.

Within few hours lepas admitted, Sarah looks a lot better, diarrhea stop at 5pm on monday. Spent that night peacefully.

Tuesday afternoon, endoscopy and biopsy performed. Intestine seems normal but colon had severe collitis.

Prof Lin, Dr Wong (gastro), and Ms Nurul (Dieatition) said can try to give Sarah something to eat/ drink.

So, Tuesday around 6pm, I start to give her water (crysanthimum tea...less than 10 sips)...she purge 3 times... a lot..definitely more than what goes in.

Then wednesday, around 11am, we try plain porridge, 2 spoon....she purge another 3 times.

Then around 6pm, plain strain soup, 5 spoon and a sip of rice water.....she purge 7 times which the last purge at 10.45am today.

She's already given 2 types of strong milk, no solid food...nil.

How now ??????

Prof Lin agree for Sarah to continue TPN and oral intake until Sunday.

Then, he want us to see Prof Chris Boi at UH on Monday (againnnn!!!), he's a gut specialist.

Banjir ok....banjir dgn airmata....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. Pity to sarah...get well soon dear.

    Sabar yer ct, berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikul.

  2. kesiannya sarah... sabar ye mommyct... harap awak terus tabah...

  3. take care sis. semoga allah panjangkan rahmat dan kasih sayang to you and family.