Monday, July 5, 2010

The Coded Picture

I was in the process of swapping my Tango to Neverful.....along the way, I requested the picture of the Production code, or batch code (whatever they called it).

Dalam sibuk2 pagi tu, at 1.30pm, dapatlah I view the picture. Just to ensure it's not a fake, I forward it to a friend who within minutes replied that she saw the same photo on the net, earlier that morning (which I yg mintak tolong to check it out about the code thingy).

Ini gambar from the buyer/ swapper?
Filename: datecode [1]
File size: 79.2KB

Ini gambar from the net...
Filename: datecode
File size: 79.2KB

dated 2009...

The buyer tu bgtau that dia ada bg gambar kat orang lain ,2,3 weeks earlier, but based on deluxemall dah guna the same picture in 2009, dah sah2 le ni gambar copypaste kan. Takkanlah boleh amik gambar sebijik camtu...

Terus sms buyer tu, I cancelled the deal. Sia2 je bag aku yg ori tu karang terswap dgn fake...rugi makcik


  1. nasib baik le dikau bijak bistari wahai kak ct. kalau idakkkk..mmg terbang melayang2 la fulus

    case2 mcm nih la yg buat sy takut nak beli brg from the net (eg: designer handbags). prefer kirim kat adik or abang, lg selamat:)

  2. Cik C - mmg takut tp den takde geng la nak kirim2 ni. Nak masuk butik mmg dlm mimpi le...