Thursday, July 23, 2009


Shud I take the offer?

In-short term, I'm totally lost.
In-long term, I may win...its a 50-50 chance.
If I can prove myself within a year the reward can be materialise in 2,3 years time.
But to live with a salary cut of more than 70% from what I earn now is seems impossible tough!
Tough cos I have 3 kids that being pampered as long as they know.
Tough cos the family budget is reduce by 40%.. a lot of adjustment needed here.
Tough cos my father is ill now, but if possible I don't want to delay this anymore.
Tough cos my contribution to my family might become 'nil'.
Tough cos raya is coming soon...need a lot of money next month.
Tough cos the kids school fee normally cost us thousands ringgit..
Tough cos I don't know how my other half behave if things really2 tense...
Tough cos our november family holiday may be our last one....
There's many more excuses if I look in the negative side.
There's no guarantee...

Let me think again...why I want this in the first place....??
Financial freedom...or at least thats what I call it...

Doing something that in the future my other half can join me and do this together...which can avoid daily migrain, high blood pressure, heart attack, depression, stress...., live happily ever after!

Doing something more sincere, honest and no more business tricks that I have to keep my mouth shut...or disagree silently.
Doing something that I can control myself..or at least thats how I see it.
Doing something that can benefit me and my kids...more value (not in terms of money).
Thinking....n thinking.....n thinking...hard!


  1. hi ct...gud luck dear in everything u do...make a right decision and dun forget to do istiqarah...:):)

  2. thanks mai....yep insyaallah will do that.

  3. Betul2, apa pun ko kena istikharah long, dah mesyuarat ngan aki? Aku dgr 'Tak rugi org yg bermesyuarat, tak menyesal org yg beristikharah'..Good luck.

  4. Mesyuarat dah selesai...tapi tak minuted eheh T_T.
    Insyaallah chot...isthikharah tu tunggu line clear je ni.