Friday, November 21, 2008

Last night!

Last night I have a whole 'karangan' drafted in my head which I plan to write down here. Guess what? I can't remember at all. I can only remember that 'wow! I got something nice to write in my blog'...that's all.
Am i eating too much maggie mee?
Why is my memory so bad?

Few month back I bought a very thin (less than 50pages) book.
The tittle is 'memory loss'. The content is all about brains, how the cells in your brain works and store information. Also mentioned what kind of food that your brain need.

Few points that I can remember are:
1) Once you are getting older a lot of your brain cells are dead.

2) You need to get your brain to work harder in method of storing information. Creating map for each information (remember those days we use to memorise all the formula before exam...that method hokey).

3) When you are older most information, if not properly stored, it will be 'temperorily' kept in the brain 'temp' folder. All these information will stay there for ..say couple of second..then automatically ERASED....thus you forget.

4) You need to allocate your brain more time while doing the storage aka saving the data into allocated brain cells. Meaning...let say if you received a call saying you need to attend a meeting at 10am...then you tell yourself ..'ok i'll remember that I have a meeting at 10am'. Chances you will forget is 100%.

So how do you keep information? For this example, few step you can do:
1) Jot down the information into a piece of paper and stick on your forehead (kidding hehe)...stick it to a place that you will definitely can see) or

2) Quickly update your appointment book or

3) Immediately type in your PDA cum phone and set the reminder (min 3x and the latest shall be 5 minute before the meeting start).

4) Always have a practise to look at no 1 (sticker)..and no 2. If you don't practise this ...just forget this step.

5) If you have more money..straight go to no 3....and also make a practise to set a reminder. Regardless of any other URGENT matter.

6) Always tell yourself that you must finish updating you schedule in your PDA/phone and set reminder before anything else. Same as no 5 isn't it.

7) Tell your secretary (if you have one) ...she will remind you. Plus you can 'scold' her if she forget...nuahahaha!

Ok..back to the brains....what kind of food is good for your brain?
I need to read the book ...cos I don't remember. *sigh*.


  1. i only have memory loss when i angau..wahahah (pecah lubang)
    macu..tak jadi la beli anya hindmarch tu psl apa tau dia murah..itu adelah ala2 public service AH utk mass market gtu..dia design utk Target (cam department store kt US) ala2 jusco la..huhuhu..arga dia sbnrnya USD45 saje which is seratusan kanseeelllll.. i masih impikan yg ribuans, tetapi dibeli dengan harga ratusans..mati le demand

  2. ahaks....angau gak ye.
    macu pun tak jadik le..sbb pikir2 balik nak jugak beli leather better simpan duit tu sampai cukup ahaks.